Why delegate your ADA?

Delegating your ADA to a stake pool is crucial for a number of reasons. Most importantly, by participating in staking, you are helping to secure the network.

Secondly, in return for your participation you will receive ADA rewards when the pool produces blocks. You can check the estimated staking rewards by using the Cardano Reward Calculator.

Finally, by delegating to a pool like ICRYP, you are helping to promote the decentralisation of the network and are supporting a Cardano Community stake pool.


Who are International Crypto Network?

My name is Dan and I'm long term supporter of the Cardano project. My friend Billy and I have decided to use our combined experience to support the network by operating a stake pool. We would love to use our pool to help promote Cardano in South East Asia.

ICRYP runs on bare metal in a Tier-3 certified datacentre :
CPU - Ryzen 7 5800X
RAM - 32GB
SSD - 1 TB
Bandwidth - 1Gbps

Ticker: ICRYP
Pool ID: 2671702f26f947ecc114861c4983bfdc8616d3fa2bace18dd4a91e65
Fee: 3%
Pledge: 50K ADA
Fixed Cost: 340ADA

What is CARDANO?

Below are some great educational videos about Cardano, staking, and stake pools

What is Cardano?

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK introduces Cardano as a third generation cryptocurrency. This video provides great perspective about the philosophies and foundations of Cardano.

What is Staking?

The basic concepts of PoS. This short video introduces some fundamental staking concepts. It is only two minutes long and will help you to understand Cardano staking concepts.

How to choose Stakepool?

What aspects should you consider when selecting a stake pool to delegate to? This video is made by Cardano Community member, Kaizen Crypto.